struggling to sell your product?

You’re not making sales.

You’ve tried everything…

Social media… (paid good money for likes and shares, but no one bought.)

Paid advertising… (ran AdWords like a pro, got an insane amount of clicks, but no sales).

SEO… (followed the advice of an SEO expert to a T. Still no sales.)

Content marketing… (read that Content is King, so you started churning out articles faster than a burger joint. Traffic increased, but sales remained as quiet as a cadaver.)

Nothing worked, so you gave up and joined the “Online Marketing Is A Waste Of Money” group.

I can help...

My name’s Jansie Blom, and if your product is worth selling, I can sell it.


There are numerous ways to market your product…

You could saturate your website with powerful sales copy that compels people to buy (or contact you).

You could make your website’s information structure so gorgeous that Google drools all over your web pages.

You could create social media posts that grab readers by their ears and tugs them into your offer.

Or send an email with such an attractive offer that readers have to click through.

I can help with all those, but my speciality is landing pages.

These are pages (on your website) where a visitor arrives from Google, social media or any other place on the web.

On this page, I place the necessary words and images that make visitors open their wallets.

Not every visit results in a sale, but my content turns more visitors into customers.

Contact me

If you have a dazzling product, but you’re not getting sales, complete the form below.

I’ll put together sales copy that’ll help more visitors open their wallets.