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The Best Free Social Media Share Plugin For WordPress

I checked out a bunch of social media share buttons for WordPress. Out of them all, Super Socializer is the best free option. It's a powerful package (too powerful, in my opinion) that gives you sufficient design options to fit your website's design.

I recently bought two social share plugins, one for this site, the other for Rasp And Rivet.


Super Socializer is by far the best free social sharing plugin. It’s lightweight and offers exactly what I like in a social sharing plugin.

The one I bought for this site, Easy Social Share Buttons, is a bit of a let-down, but the plugin for Rasp And Rivet, Social Warfare, is decent.

But I was looking for a free social sharing plugin, so I went on the hunt.

There are plenty of options, but most disappoint.

I created a table to compare the social share plugins I tried. These are my findings.

Most share plugins aren’t well balanced

This table doesn’t explain why I disliked most of these plugins. Suffice it to say that some of these plugins are bloated, while others are thin on functionality.

For instance, Shareaholic, while a GREAT social share plugin, is too heavy. Aside from it adding weight to page load time, it might catch the beginner user off guard.

Shareaholic offers a built-in advertisement system, and if you don’t disable it, visitors to your site might be greeted with cheap clickbait type ads.

Here’s the table. These plugins aren’t listed in a specific order, the only exception being Super Socializer, which I placed at the top. It deserves that spot.

PluginVerdict / notes
Super SocializerThe best free sharing plugin. Not as good as Social Warfare Pro, but good. The price tag makes it irresistible.
Easy Social Share ButtonsFacebook sharing shows error.
Lightweight Social IconsSocial widget, not share buttons.
MashShareOne of the better social share plugins, but not as good as Super Socializer.
Simple Social ShareWay too basic.
WordPress Social ButtonsToo expensive for something not that great. Facebook Like button is part of purchase package.
Social Media and Share Icons (Ultimate Social Media)Not bad, but too involved.
Social Sharing (by Danny)No Pinterest. Can’t remove social network’s names and have only buttons. Way too basic.
WP Social SharingNo icons. Can’t place social icons before and after content.
ShareaholicToo heavy.

If you’re looking for a free WordPress social media share plugin, get Super Socializer.

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